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Services - Grease Traps & Liquid Waste

Grease traps need regular cleaning to ensure solid grease does not build up and block the trap.  A build up of solid grease in the trap can cause damage to the trap or cause an overflow in the lines, resulting in damage to your property, or may allow grease to leak into the sewer system.  

Safety Tips:

  • Do not put any sort of chemicals, water, food waste, or other garbage into the grease tanks
  • Always check for fullness of tank or plugged screen before poring grease into the tank to avoid spills
  • If tank is full, call us immediately for service and have the grease removed
  • Clear the area around the tank to ensure that the driver does not have any problems in emptying the tank


City Sewers Bylaw – Basic Requirements and Information for Restaurants

  • Install and maintain a grease trap
  • Limits:

Limit (mg/L) (max. level allowed in the grease trap)
How to help minimize
Oil and grease (animal and vegetable
Maintain the grease trap
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
Prevent solids from entering the drain
Suspended Solids
Prevent solids from entering the drain

Conditions which may result in By-law compliance audits and enforcement:

  • Failure to install certified grease interceptors
  • Failure to recycle or dispose of fat, oil and grease in the prescribed manner
  • Failure to routinely inspect and maintain interceptors
  • Use of chemical solvents, caustics or emulsifiers to clean out the oil/grease interceptor, resulting in damage to sewer lines
  •  Forcing oil/grease particles through the interceptor and into the sewer line with hot water, resulting in blockages
  • Installation of garbage grinders/disposal units after September 15, 2011 or failure to comply the Sections 6, 7 and 8 of the Sewer Use By-law for existing units
  • Customers who do not comply with the by-law are liable for a fine of between $5,000 and $10,000 per day for a first offence. Corporations are liable for a fine of up to $50,000 per day for a first offence


For more information on the by-laws regarding liquid waste and grease traps, please click below on the city:
Toronto                          Region of Peel                         Hamilton                          
Sudbury                                     Windsor


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